Belief in the Angels

Angels are a creation of Allah and they were created from light. Belief in the Angels is one of the pillars of Eemaan.

Below are some resources from around the internet to teach about the Angels.

Learning About Ahadith

Ahadith (singular: hadith) are narrations of things that Prophet Muhammad said, did, or approved of, in other words, things that form  his "sunnah."  As Muslims, we first and foremost take our knowledge from the Quraan and Sunnah. So, it is important to learn about ahadith, which transmit the sunnah to us.

This post contains resources to help teach kids about ahadith.

Categories of Actions (Rulings of Fiqh)

Actions in the study of fiqh are divided into 5 categories.....

  • Waajib (obligatory)
  • Mustahabb (recommendable)
  • Mubaah (permissible)
  • Makrooh (detested)
  • Haraam (forbidden)
We have studied the categories (on the introductory level of course) in our homeschool and here are some resources that I made:

Categories of Actions - Chart

Categories of Actions - Homeschool Teaching  Notes includes handwriting practice of the 5 terms in Arabic. 8 pages, PDF

    Categories of Actions Worksheet - (Rulings of Fiqh: Waajib, Mustahabb, Mubaah, Makrooh, and Haraam). Two worksheets where students categorize different actions.

    Waajib, Mustahabb, Mubaah, Makrooh, Haraam WorksheetsWaajib, Mustahabb, Mubaah, Makrooh, Haraam Worksheets

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    Hijri Calendar Bulletin Board Display Set, updated 2017 (FREE)

    Use a bulletin board display to help teach the Hijri calendar!

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