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We're using this program right now, level 1. My daughter loves it so far.

Pillars of Eemaan (Belief)

There are 6 pillars (articles of faith) that a Muslim must believe in:

  • Allah
  • Allah's Angels
  • Allah's Books
  • Allah's Messengers
  • The Last Day
  • Allah's Decree, the good and bad of it
“Iman is to believe in Allah, His Angels, His Books, His Messengers, the Last Day, and to believe in the Qadar and what it brings of good or bad.” (Saheeh Muslim)

Treatises/Book Links's Imaan Links - Salaf us Saalilh/ is my first go-to site for Islamic studies reference/reading material, alhamdulillah. Its "Imaan and Its Pillars page" has oodles of resources that you can use, in shaa Allah, to build Islamic Studies lessons on the pillar of eemaan. It has general works on eemaan (belief), links to works on the increase and decrease of eemaan, as well as works on each of the six pillars of eemaan.

Explaining The Fundamentals Of Faith : Shaykh ibn Uthaymeen - nice, concise work, seems great as a base for making your own lessons.

Articles of Faith - Dr. Mahmood Murad

Basics of Belief - various short PDFs pertaining to some of the pillars of Eemaan.

Anchor Charts/Posters

Two posters of the Pillars of Eemaan that I made eons ago. Among the first of my resources that I made on the computer.........



"Explaining Faith: The Beliefs of a Muslim"
An excellent PDF for younger readers on the subject of the pillars of eemaan. It is very nicely organized and contains review questions throughout.

Pillars of Eemaan Test/Worksheet
A nice, simple clean test/worksheet on the pillars of eemaan from UmmMaimoonahRecords, 20 questions.

Activity Pages/Notebooking

Pillars of Eeemaan Notebooking ChartVersion 1: This individual page allows student to enumerate the pillars. It also includes pictures of the pillars that can be glued on. 

Pillars of Eeemaan Notebooking Chart
Version 2: This individual page allows student to enumerate the pillars, in a slightly different format. Also includes pictures so student can glue the pillar names on instead of writing. Download Version 2

A coloring book that I made up for my kids. 9 pages.

Pillars of Eemaan Coloring BookPillars of Eemaan Coloring Book


Pillars of Eemaan Flashcards

Pillars of Eemaan Flashcards

Pillars of Eemaan Flashcards