Teach Your Daughters How to Beautify Themselves

When I was growing up, my mother didn't really teach me girly things so for me, a beauty regimen just meant showering and combing my hair. But I have 5 girls and I want to make sure that they learn how to take care of and beautify their bodies (within the boundaries of Islam)  so that they can feel good about themselves as Muslim women.

So, several years ago, I made up a little beauty regimen sheet.  Of my girls that would be of this age, a few of them just have that natural motivation to take care of themselves (well my oldest daughter does now, but didn't when she was younger). I've got one, however, that needs some motivation in this area so I thought I'd pull out my sheet and go over the tips with the girls, in shaa Allah.

It's a pretty long list and I am not suggesting that everyone do all of this. But I wanted to have a lot of ideas to share with my girls and show them a variety of things to do so that they can look and feel good.

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