Flying High for Red Baron Brick Oven Pizza

I love frozen pizza. I never really get why some people think it tastes like cardboard, but hey, different strokes for different folks......

I have always loved Red Baron frozen pizza so when I got invited to the Bzz Agent Red Baron Brick Oven pizza campaign, I was on cloud 9!

In my "Bzz Kit" I received 1 coupon for a FREE pizza and 2 $1off coupons:

There was just one problem.

My  family and I cannot eat pork so we could obviously only eat the cheese variety.

But I couldn't find it!

I went to several stores in my area and simply could not find it so I left a comment on the Red Baron facebook page and they responded with the suggestion to use their store locator. With the locator, you can specify the exact variety of a product (in my case the cheese variety) and it pops out a store that carries it. And, it worked! I had so much trouble finding the cheese variety because only ONE store in my area carried it.  And, unfortunately, it was not a store I usually frequent. But, I went there and the cheese variety WAS indeed there, so I was happy.  I used my free coupon, but struggled with using the $1 off coupons there because the pizza was so highly priced there.  So, we left with just the free pizza.

It did not disappoint. As I said, I already loved Red Baron Pizza and my family and I equally enjoyed the Brick Oven variety.  The cheese variety has a trio of cheeses: mozzarella, parmesan, and provolone. I can't say that it tasted over and above any other Red Baron pizza we have tried, but we did definitely like it and I recommend it if you like frozen pizza and don't think it tastes like cardboard.......

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